Wednesday, 3 October 2018

HELLO and WELCOME especially if this is your first visit.  And to our regular guests - a big MWAAH!  Welcome to one and all!  We are currently running hard to keep up with demand, but don't let that stop you placing an order.

Talking with keeping up with demand - Lisa has just about burned out a soldering iron!  Yes, we do soldering, just have a close look at our Christmas Angels and you'll see that they are all individually soldered with our love and care for you to hang in your windows or on your Christmas tree.

This has been perhaps the busiest time we can remember here at CStar.
Because as well as the production run-up to Christmas, we have attended a number of events.

For instance there was Hampshire Open Studios.  Our local opening was here in Netley in a wonderful collaboration with St Edwards church, with many visitors during the week.
Then there was the Romsey show.  We had lots of customers from the sorely missed Rums Eg gallery, yes very sadly missed.  Still it was really great to be welly free thanks to the wonderfully hot summer!

At the same tIme as the Romsey show we had a place at the Winchester Cathedral Flower Festival - it is a great privilege to participate in that special event.

Lastly we had a place at the Stockbridge Craft Fair.  Trading was quiet, although footfall was better than you would expect given the road works in the High Street and the M27 closure that might have made visitors think twice about the journey.

AND now - less than 100 days!

Crafting mad to build stocks for CHRISTMAS!

AND we've got wonderful events to support - we'll be THERE at

The Pumpkin Festival Saturday 13th October, Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley, Southampton.
Stansted Christmas Fayre sees us out again on November 22nd to 25th, Thursday to Sunday, and if that wasn't enough for you, we will also be at Winchester Cathedral's Christmas Market from 17th November to 20th December.
Note we are in two places at the same time in November - Santas helpers have come to us early!

Hope to see you at one or all of our events...hope we have something good for your present hunting, or just for your own appreciation...

Love from Lisa and Cathy...

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Haar, haar, haar,

Well it was sea fog really, what they call it on the east coast of Scotland and the north east of England.
And there we were, on the last day of our holiday, on the beach, enjoying a Sri Lankan curry and in came the sea fog with surfers emerging from the sea like a scene from John Carpenter's film "The Fog!"  Scary, fun and atmospheric all at the same time.

As a thank you token to the holiday place we left a sailing boat tea light...

On return from holiday we were straight into "Trout and About" In Stockbridge - well actually it was all Lisa with help from Sid to set up and pack up at the beginning and the end.  Lisa had a dreadful cold, but had a good brisk business day and it was very good to see all the other traders and friends.  Terrific job Lisa!

Next event to look forward to is Hampshire Open Studios (check out their website).  The wide variety of Hampshire artists open up their studios to the public during 18th to 27th of August - just follow the pink signs.
As well as supporting this event, we are heavy into preparing for the end of year Fairs, building stock and the like...(we are totally crafting mad!)

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Well our last blog entry was writing about our next event - Stansted Garden Show.
And now we are all done and dusted already and getting it together for the next one of which more later.

The good weather and the promise of the plants and flowers played it’s part in encouraging the crowds. The organisers were even issuing long traffic queue warnings on the roads leading to the show.

Despite the crowds, most traders reported a quiet time - we did get an order forwhat is the largest star we have ever made. It could be our perfect order. My it is big!

As always it was good to see our trading friends and some new ones, and always good to see what new ideas and designs they bring to the show.Here are some pictures of us during the show…

Next up we’ve got a local event - this is the “more later” bit...This is local, for Cathy ‘cos it is Netley Abbey Infants Summer Fete on the 23rd of June.

This is closely followed by the (Return) of Romsey Art Trail on Sunday 1st July 2018. A cracking event and an excuse to visit the beautiful Romsey.

You’ve got to go to this - because we’re there - come and have a chat!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Last time I was saying “...must get busy in the garden…!” That was my own 
garden, but there are other gardens too.

For quite a few weeks Lisa and I have been working on our design, as once 
more CStar has been invited to contribute to Art in the Garden at the Sir 
Harold Hillier Arboretum which is in Ampfield, Romsey. 

Art in the Garden runs throughout the summer months, this year from Sunday 
12th May to Sunday 14th October (10am to 5pm for viewing).
On display throughout the Arboretum are pieces (posh word – installations) 
from UK and overseas artists and designers – and – all items are for sale. 
Just imagine one in your garden!

This year we’ve taken our inspiration from what can be found in some caves – 
stalactites and stalacmites. We’ve called the pieces “Shards” with the internal 
or underdesign based on our Tutti Frtti range.

Here’s a couple of pictures taken in the Arboretum to give you a taster.

Last year our colours were predominately blue, this year predominately red, to 
fit in with our wish for a warm sunny summer
Well it worked for the Bank Holiday – come on!

But our work rarely has a break before the next event, which for us, will be 
The Garden Show in Summer at Stansted Park from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th
June 2018. It’s well worth a visit to see the gardens and there are many, 
many thngs to see and enjoy.
If there, why not drop by to our stand and have a chat? 
WE would love to see YOU.
Well, here we are back from the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate.
Harrogate – what a lovely, lovely place.

How did we get on? 

We had a very interesting time and lots of our 
promotional stuff was collected. 

The experienced traders say that orders can appear anything up to six months 
or more, so we should be patient, don’t expect too much too soon. We did get 
one order though.

And now, here we are back at work. 

We were very sad to hear that Rum’s Egg in Romsey had closed. It was a 
wonderfully stylish host for Arts and Crafts and they had really yummy cakes 
in the cafe upstairs. A sad loss!
Back to busy! This is a very busy time – when isn’t it? We’re doing our annual
stock take, from items made ready to sell to glass ready to cut.

Besides this, the Studio needs a Spring Clean, so that is going on hand-in-hand
with the stock take.
Phew, if that wasn’t enough, there is production work to prepare for Stansted 
Garden Fair in June.
Wonderfully sunny though isn’t it – just the tonic we needed after all that rain. 
Ah, must get busy in the garden…!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

“The  Northern  Lights...”

For  the  past  many  weeks  we  have  been  working  on  a  new  project,  new  for  us  that  is. It  has  been  both  stressful  and  exciting  at  the  same  time. Bringing  everything  together,  that  is,  creating  the  new  design  (more  about  that  later),   making  our  goodies  and  packaging  to  sell,  designing  a  display,  designing  and  writing  a brochure  and  finally  packing  it  all  to  travel.    This  was  the  stressful  bit.

We’ve  been  working  towards  displaying  at  a  trade  fair    -  we’ve  never  done  one  before  so this  is  a  whole  new  experience.    We’re  really  looking  forward  to  this,  seeing  the  other displays,  talking  to  the  visitors  –  this  is  the  exciting  bit.

Our  hope  and  expectation  is  to  get  experiece  of  displaying,  discovering  what  the  visitors are  interested  in  and  –  of  course  –  making  some  sales. And  where  did  we  go  and  what  is  it?

We displayed  our  new  design  at  the  British  Craft  Trade  Fair  (BCTF)  held  at  the  Great Yorkshire  Show  Ground  in  Harrogate  in  North  Yorkshire  –  hence  “Northern”  (see  what  we did  there?) AND there  we  made  the  first  public  showing  of  our  new  design  range  -  “Urban  Lights”  - hence  “Lights”  -  see  what  we  did  again?    We’re  just  crafting  mad!) This  trade  fair  has  been  held  annually  for  43  years  and  has  around  8000  British  artists, designers  and  makers  registered  with  the  show.

More  soon…

Sunday, 10 August 2014

ooooo oooooh we had this lovely article written abut us in the Hampshire Chronicle.  Thank you x