Monday, 21 May 2018

Last time I was saying “...must get busy in the garden…!” That was my own 
garden, but there are other gardens too.

For quite a few weeks Lisa and I have been working on our design, as once 
more CStar has been invited to contribute to Art in the Garden at the Sir 
Harold Hillier Arboretum which is in Ampfield, Romsey. 

Art in the Garden runs throughout the summer months, this year from Sunday 
12th May to Sunday 14th October (10am to 5pm for viewing).
On display throughout the Arboretum are pieces (posh word – installations) 
from UK and overseas artists and designers – and – all items are for sale. 
Just imagine one in your garden!

This year we’ve taken our inspiration from what can be found in some caves – 
stalactites and stalacmites. We’ve called the pieces “Shards” with the internal 
or underdesign based on our Tutti Frtti range.

Here’s a couple of pictures taken in the Arboretum to give you a taster.

Last year our colours were predominately blue, this year predominately red, to 
fit in with our wish for a warm sunny summer
Well it worked for the Bank Holiday – come on!

But our work rarely has a break before the next event, which for us, will be 
The Garden Show in Summer at Stansted Park from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th
June 2018. It’s well worth a visit to see the gardens and there are many, 
many thngs to see and enjoy.
If there, why not drop by to our stand and have a chat? 
WE would love to see YOU.

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