Monday, 21 May 2018

Well, here we are back from the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate.
Harrogate – what a lovely, lovely place.

How did we get on? 

We had a very interesting time and lots of our 
promotional stuff was collected. 

The experienced traders say that orders can appear anything up to six months 
or more, so we should be patient, don’t expect too much too soon. We did get 
one order though.

And now, here we are back at work. 

We were very sad to hear that Rum’s Egg in Romsey had closed. It was a 
wonderfully stylish host for Arts and Crafts and they had really yummy cakes 
in the cafe upstairs. A sad loss!
Back to busy! This is a very busy time – when isn’t it? We’re doing our annual
stock take, from items made ready to sell to glass ready to cut.

Besides this, the Studio needs a Spring Clean, so that is going on hand-in-hand
with the stock take.
Phew, if that wasn’t enough, there is production work to prepare for Stansted 
Garden Fair in June.
Wonderfully sunny though isn’t it – just the tonic we needed after all that rain. 
Ah, must get busy in the garden…!

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